Why Whole Home Filtering & Softening??

A softener softens so its not hard on your plumbing fixtures skin or detergents. Your laundry is softer, your skin your largest organ will love you. No more dry skin elbows can get rid of dandruff and even Psioriasis! Your basicly removing the main ingredient of concrete from your home water.

Now couple that with Carbon and KDF! literally home water SYNERGY!


Why a whole house filter because the city can only chemically treat water not filter water before it gets to you. a filter does for your house does what the city wishes they could do for everyone but mass filtration would be unbelievable expensive and the time and equipment for billions of gallons is just not gonna happen. We are talking baseball arena size filter media, but for your house its only a small tank that sits on top of your softener and it will work for over 10+ years without service!

So now you have velvet soft nice filtered water for your home and family , you have KDF and activated carbon blend that removes allot of fluoride chlorine hexane POFA’s and other halogen pesticides and heavy metals that you probably dont even want to know are in your water. The BEST PART!? the carbon kdf filter protects your lower softener giving it twice the life and your softener flushes the carbon media with its disscharge salt cleaning and refreshing it without adding salt to the water you use<greatestcomboever. If you live in the greater Phoenix area you need a unit like this. You dont know what your missing

oh and the combination with water meter and commercial grade softener media lasts longer and saves over< %50%!! salt & water usage when it needs to regenerate.



Back Tank= BRINE SALT TANK (fill every month or two)

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